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1st Anniversary by marbellisima 1st Anniversary by marbellisima
Every detail of that Tuesday night is locked in my memory, but instead of explaining me and Lav right off, I’ll start with the world’s comfiest and most possibly sturdiest park bench in the world. How many couples were here before us? Were they relationship as tumultuous as ours? Filled with surprises, joys and sorrows? Were they like us too?
No. That’s impossible.
Unless one of them is a shapeshifter while the other is a crime fighting masked vigilante.
That aside, this park bench had been a witness to our first encounter, first kiss and first couple fight. Maybe I should include it in our guest lists for the big day too, dolled it up in white tulle with carnations and ribbons all around it.
There she was, standing across from me, was Lavendar Eclair Mancia: hands down the prettiest woman I knew, or have ever known, for that matter. Also, the nicest, the kindest and probably the wittiest of them all.
That day her warm brown eyes watched me with childlike enthusiasm as she leans against the railing with her hand outstretched, letting the rainwater slid off her long slender fingers.
‘ Earth to Dami!’ She giggled as she sprinkled some rainwater on my face.
‘ Lavvv!’ A grimace crossed my face and I get under the umbrella, holding her hand. Lav gave me a loving smile. ‘What’s on your mind?’
I laughed. ‘ You. The rain. And my unkempt wet hair, no thanks to you.’ I leaned down and planted a light kiss on top of her head. ‘But it’s mostly you.’
She flashed me one of her mischievous smile. ‘ I’m honoured then.’
‘Dami, how long has it been? 7 years since we first met? You were so young at that time, naughty little kissy kissy Dami.’ She said smiling at the distant memory. ‘You laughed at me instead of helping out a poor damsel in distress. I distinctly remembered there were 4 to 5 of them. The smallest among them would be 1 head taller than you! And you didn’t even stand up for me!’ She poked me at the side.
‘Good times, huh?’ I smirked, trying to keep a straight face on.
‘The best.’ She replied as she snaked her arm around me.
I could almost feel her happiness in the way she spoke. She had the same qualities that had drawn me to her back then --- enthusiasm, curiosity, innocence. A cool breeze blew her hair back and I don’t think anyone had ever looked so beautiful. Could anything be more special than being here with Lav? I don’t think so. Certainly no one had ever made my heart beat fast like this before.
‘ Tell me you’ve never seen anything as sweet as this before. The park just seems so...magica . Especially around this time of the night.’ she said.
‘Actually I have.’ I looked straight into her eyes.
‘Stop!’ She said, blushing and laughing. ‘I’m going to melt into a puddle of lovey-dovey lump and get wash away by the rain water!’
‘No, don’t stop.’
So I put my arms around her and watched her from the corner of my eyes and lived in his moment.
The park is a quiet and peaceful place, especially since its right after the rain had subsided. The green of the trees, the vibrant colour of the flower, everything seems so crisp, and light and right. So perfect. Most important of all, no one was in sight. Unless they have the power of invisibility. But then again, how many people with invisibility do I know of?
I took a deep breath, counted to 3, and pulled myself together. It’s now or never. Before any of my ex-comrade decided it’s a good idea to blow up some buildings or rob a bank.
‘Dami? Dami sweetheart, what’s wrong? You look so serious all of a sudden.’ Lav looked at me, concerned. ‘Are you feeling unwell? A seizure fit coming? Where does it hurt? ’ She added in a soft voice as her eyes scanned me from head to toe. Then, she let out a small gasp. Barely audible as I knelt on one knee before her. Ring box on my right hand as I gingerly opened it, revealing the Tiffany Celebration ring, more than a dozen flawless diamonds set in a platinum band. The umbrella rolled on the ground, eventually coming to a halt against the railing.
‘Lavendar Eclair Mancia, will you marry me?’
My heart was racing off the chart as I gaze at her. Trying to read her facial expression. It was as if I’ve forgotten how to breathe as she leaned down and kissed me, soft kisses all over my face and I swore. I swore I could taste eternity in those kisses, taste our love, see our life together, our little Damis and Lavs, feel the hope of an entire lifetime.
She reached down to my face and held it in both of her hands and I saw tears welling up in her eyes--- or was it mine?
I love her.

Lavendar (c) Mari
Damian, story and artwork (c) me
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